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Yes it maybe look strange, but where are electric jets!? Maybe they hidden or something like that... I known that cost of developing engine maybe high, but there are now some electric planes. It's enough to say that 70% of plane ticket on longer distances is for fuel cost. Cheap airlines can throw out pilots, stewardess, and even passengers to lower fuel consumption - but nothing will make the cost of fly lower than changing petrol fuel to electric! Of course due to legal procedures it maybe not possible to make atom powered plane, but electric could use cheap atom power or another source. There are many money thrown on developing electric sources for cars, and even now this a clear future.

But! There is no, or little evidence of electric jet engines for planes! If we want to have a cheaper source of power we must switch to electric! So if someone could make a difference (and get a fortune from airlines, because they want cheaper in use planes) it is a good time to start....
I don't think electric planes are viable, and definitly not an option for airliners. Just think of the rigid testing program just for introducing biofuel, how can you see electric planes anytime soon? I think the future is more and more fuelefficient planes.