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Default Wing Contour?

On Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 11:00:34 PM UTC-5, wrote:
Can anyone tell me specifically how to tell how closely a wing is following its intended shape or to know if it has "issues"? Also, if I'm sanding, polishing or refinishing it, how do I accurately correct for any deficiencies? Asking for a friend... : )

My primary reason for starting this thread was to help me know how to evaluate whether an FX-67 winged glider has suffered from "spar shrinkage" and if so, how much and how badly it will impact the performance. I've heard so much about and that it can profoundly decrease the performance so I'm trying to figure out whether to worry too much about it. As a relative newcomer to working with composites I'm not sure I could actually fix it...or might make it worse.