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Default What is the Current Pricing for Used Portable PowerFlarm? Anyoneselling theirs?

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 11:23:22 AM UTC-4, John DeRosa OHM Ω wrote:
- Uses AA batteries, either rechargeable or not. Lasts about 8 hours. Better to power it externally from ship's power which is what I did. The issue is finding the correct barrel plug. First, the plug is TINY [0.70mm ID (0.028"), 2.35mm OD (0.093")] as compared to the more commonly available barrel plug sizes. Second, I used the even tougher to find 90° version to make it fit properly around the "rubber duckie" ADS-B antenna without which the ADS-B antenna tilted over quite a bit (vertical orientation is important for coverage).
- Almost by definition this unit will be mounted on the instrument panel's glare shield. Most often this is done with hook and loop fasteners (AKA Velcro). Please read what the FAA has to say about using Velcro plus my thoughts on the subject in my presentation (on slide #102) found at
- Never did get the optional audio out to work (and I had that license).

An easier way to connect external power is via the 8-pin RJ45 connector. If you don't make a data connection (the portable FLARM being stand-alone) this is very easy. In my case I built a custom cable that splits at the other end into a data port (to connect to my glide computer) and power wires. Since I can see the FLARM traffic location on the computer, I mounted the FLARM (using a metal bracket) in a location that is NOT on top of the glare shield - but still gives it GPS (built-in antenna) and ADS-B (attached whip antenna) reception, and still allows me to reach its control knob. (The two FLARM antennas are dipoles with cables so can be mounted away from the FLARM unit, and range depends mostly on where you put those.) The beeps from the FLARM are quite audible wherever you mount it (in a glider with no engine noise).