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Tom Gibson
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I agree - if you are going to need tech support don't expect it from

That said, my new Dell XPS 3.0HT is working great. I have to look for
situations where it drops below 30 fps.

An example:

Location: KJFK in NYC (default detailed airport)
Scenery: Extremely Dense (max)
AI Traffic: 100% (I have about 4x default traffic there)
Most other sliders except mesh and a couple others maxed.
Radeon 9800 Pro, maxed AA etc.

Result: 23-30 fps (maxed at 30). Had to go hunting to find the 23 fps,

Hope this helps,

Tlewis95 wrote:
I am buying a new computer
I have a 0.5 GhZ Pentium III Gateway and get a crappy 10-20 FPS with medium
I am looking for the quickest FS2004 runing machine
I am thinking about he Dell Dimension XPS
I would want at least 30 FPS with highish scenery/AI/weather
Is this possible?

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