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Default Only a ONE Million Dollar Cleanup

On Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 7:58:42 PM UTC-5, Daniel wrote:
Jim Pennino writes:

Geoff Rove wrote:
On Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 11:16:05 AM UTC-5, Jim Pennino wrote:
Geoff Rove wrote:

The $1.5 million in cash will cover $911,000 for the crash
clean-up, $340,000 to upgrade buildings at Montgomery Field in
Kearny Mesa for a possible tenant, and $270,000 to analyze
proposed upgrades at Brown Field in Otay Mesa. The $340,000 will
cover heating and ventilation upgrades to buildings at Montgomery
Field that the city acquired when they were abandoned by a former

I understand the idea of recovering damages from those that caused the
damage, however $911,000 seems like a bloated number to me and I fail to
see why the pilot/owner/insurance company would be responsible for
paying for upgrades of any kind.


I assume the City of San Diego has invoices for the $911,000 they
say the cleanup cost. The other costs aren't being charged to the
"pilots" insurance. Not surprised that an airport tenant would
abandon a building.

You mean like the invoices hospitals give for $50 aspirin tablets?

Lol, the fact that they're going to attempt collecting a million dollars
from a pilot is mindboggling. Did they even get a report from the NTSB
on the cause?

I'm guessing the jet hitting a dirt berm at the end of the runway upon pilots aborting is the cause. Removing dirt soaked by 3400 gallons of fuel isn't cheap. MCAS El Toro had huge underground clean up costs
after it closed.