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Default Videos of aviation mishaps, accidents and crashes on-line

I think it might be healthy to be reminded ocasionally that bad things
can happen if you don't respect what your doing, especially in aviation.
Perhaps it'll make me a little more thorough on subsequent preflights.
And I find no problem with learning from other's mistakes.

So I watched the video he posted. Nobody died. It was of a helicopter
experienceing some type of mechanical problem. The only helipcopter
problems I've heard of are engine failure, followed by an autorotation,
and tail rotor failure, followed by spinning decent. This one is
somewhat puzzling to me, as it appears they simply had issues with
control. If anyone who knows something about helicopters can shed some
light on what went wrong here, I'd like to know.


Iwan Bogels wrote:
Dear aviation enthusiast,

After a short period of successful trials we have launched a weekly
refreshed webpage with aviation crash videos. If you are interested to see
video footage of aircraft mishaps, accidents and crashes, please visit

Iwan Bogels