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We heard you the first time....

On 23 Nov 2003 07:31 PM, Bart Hull posted the following:
I'm in the process of building a Team Tango (similar to a Glasair IIFG)
and have a few thoughts about the landing gear. The earlier kits had
fiberglass "legs" and the newer kits have aluminum legs.

I flew in a Tango with the aluminum gear and it seemed quite harsh on
landing. I know aluminum gear doesn't have problems with heat
transferred from the brakes or axle getting things too hot and that
the gear can be "gun drilled" to have they hydraulic lines inside the
gear itself with just a small connector hose from the gear leg to the
brake caliper.

Does the aluminum gear have less ability to absorb shock?

Does the fiberglass or aluminum gear take a "set" after awhile setting
on a ramp?

Problems with brake lines on fiberglass gear? on aluminum gear.

How do you match the appropriate gear to the airplanes weight?

Can aluminum gear be had in a "aerodynamic" tear drop shape or just a
bent bar.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. ( pertaining to the gear )

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