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On Dec 6, 2:23*pm, "Tim Mara" wrote:
the Winter 4FGH40 is TSO'd, that's what the EASA Form one is and says
so.....certifed the same as and accepted here in the USA the same as they
accept our approvals

The TSO for altimeter, pressure actuated, sensitive type, is C10b. I
have a Winter 4FGH40 in my sailplane . It was recently returned from
Winter after overhaul with an EASA Form 1. Nowhere on that form, or
in any Winter spec, can I find a statement that the Winter 4FGH40
complies with TSO C10b.

Tim, please give me a reference to a Winter spec that claims TSO C10b

My form 1 in this case merely certifies that the work done (overhaul)
was accomplished in accordance with FAR-145 and the work item is
satisfactory for release to service.

As to the OP's question - I know of no requirement for your altimeter
to be TSO compliant. Get your avionics shop to show the regulation,
and if they can't take your work somewhere else.