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Default 1961 Cessna 210A Part 135 810 S/FReman $25,800 ?

On Jun 4, 2:25 pm, Victor Bravo wrote:
The bidding on the Cessna 210 ebay austion is halfway over, only 4
days left. So far the high bid os only $25,800 which would be the
steal of the century...uhhh... I mean the steal of the Centurion! Put
in a reasonable bid and you might fly away in a really nice airplane !

This airplane was maintained to Part 135 strict charter maintenance
standards, has only 810 since a factory

So called Part 135 maintenance means nothing - other than rode hard
and put away wet... I have seen these airplanes that when purchased
need everything replaced -fuel cap gaskets, fuel and hydraulic hoses,
mags, plugs, wires, pump overhauls, wheel bearings, cables, battery,
and on, and on - which is usually why they are up for sale...

There are exceptions, but caveat emptor...