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I have recently learned about Douglas Pitcairn a Luftwaffe pilot who flew

the Condor Legion in Spain. The article didn't describe how someone with

an English sounding name ended up in Spain. At first I thought he might

be an
English volunteer for Franco but since the Condor Legion was really an all
German show and now I learn that Pitcairn flew for the Luftwaffe in France

realize he must have been a German citizen. I am more intriqued than


Who was he and how did he get his name? Did he survive WW2?

John Dupre'

If I recall he was the German Fighter Director for the Polesti "Tidal Wave"
raid as Uzal Ent was the American commander. I believe he was Douglas
Pitcairn of Perthshire. The English and German 'royals' were related. This
is from memory and I do not know if all is recalled correctly. Google is
your friend.