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Jeff Franks
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Jesus, I make a comment and it's dissected by idiots.

In Europe, a night qualification course is normally offered as an add on

the European JAR PPL, plus, you must have completed a night takeoff /
landing within the previous 90 days if you intend to carry a passenger.

YES I KNOW the accident occurred in Yankeeland. But why dump on a guy

paid the full price for his mistake?

Call off the dogs!!! lol.. I'm on YOUR side. My point actually had nothing
to do with your comment and more to do with the constant over-correcting
that goes on in the aviation NG's. (which leads to disclaimers like the
following) Of course, being precise *IS* important and we should all try to
do better. It seems all you have to do is make a comment that Air Force One
is a 747 and you'll get 37 posts ranging from "Actually Air Force One is any
U.S. Air Force aircraft that the President of the United States is on" to
"Air Force One is a 747-400 s/n 1372683 in run A3Z". Who gives a flip!?!?
Everyone knew what I meant. An outsider looking in would think we're all
scared to death someone else might be smarter than us.

I think his point was that my writing is becoming sloppy. An observation
that's hard to dispute.

No dispute, just my vain attempt at smart-assdom.