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Default Information about a TL3424 RAS instrument

I seem to be talking to my self he- I hate that :-)

The TL company did in fact answer me but their email was hiding in my
spam folder. They sent me a logfile so now I can get on with the
project. Thanks for reading


On 17 Jun., 08:36, Someone wrote:
It seems to be quite difficult to get information about this
instrument. I wrote the company but unfortunately they are not
responding. It's strange as their instruments seems widespread.

Do you guys know any other instrument (or blackbox) that can log
airspeed (pitot) and acceleration? Even a electrical diagram would be
fine as long as it comes with the sourcecode/firmware :-)

Best regards

On 14 Jun., 23:16, Someone wrote:

Dear All,
I am looking for information on the TL3424 RAS acceleration logger
page=lsa&p_id=7&PHPSESSID=fee5ff74bb944f141d491dcb 1af990f6).

As I undestand it, this logger can log speed and G-acceleration during
a period of time (not just when an exceeded event occur). If this is
correct, I hope someone can help me with a log file from such
instrument. I'd like to have a look and see if I cen interpret the
protocol they use.

I'd like to build an analyzer tool for speed and G but I want to be
sure the TL logger can do what I want before I make a purchase.

Best Regards