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Default Aircraft Spruce Rant

BobR wrote:
I have never had that good of a response from Aircraft Spruce but on
many occasions I have accused McMaster-Carr of reading my mind and
shipping before I ordered. Hell, they once even told me they were out
of stock on an item that would take a week to get and I still received
it in two days instead of the next day. Most orders from McMaster-Carr
have been received within 24 hours and those which were not were within
48 hours. I love dealing with those people.

I was beginning to think it was just me. I routinely get the e-mail
from McMaster telling me they had shipped the day after I have already
received the shipment. I frequently order around 1 am and the shipment
arrives the next day.

As for ASS I have no complaints about their customer support. They
have always been pleasant and informative with me.

Dan, U.S. Air Force, retired