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On 06 Sep 2003 06:59 PM, Jerry Springer posted the following:

RAMBLER444 wrote:
Building your own aircraft is a great thing to do if you have the
time and your not in a big hurry to fly , as in my case I`ve gone
through the same thing that your doing and as of right now I`m still
up in the air about it , the way things keep going by the time I
build a craft get engi9nes and all that stuff on my budget , I can`t
afford one but I m still looking and maybe I`ll find what wi9ll fit
me and my wallet but I`m also looking into buying a store bought
plane again it has to do with time and money that`s all the help I
can be because I`m still just a confussed as you ok but keep the
faith see ya Charlie

If I had waited to have everything perfect and all the ducks lined up
in a row before starting to build my RV-6 I would have never started
it or even finished it. If you want to build an airplane you well
figure it out, but there is never a right time to start building. The
one good thing about some of the popular kits is the fact that you
can buy them a kit at a time and spread the financial part of it out.

The time to start building an airplane is right now. I started mine
knowing full well that there would be interruptions, but I'm that much
farther along than I would be if I had waited. Since I am building from
plans, I didn't have a lot of parts to store, just a few boxes of wing
ribs and some steel parts. My total materials investment so far is
probably way less than $1000. One nice thing is that during the period
when I couldn't build, kits for the Bearhawk became available, so I can
accelerate the project rapidly should I feel the need. I probably won't
since I am having a lot of fun scratch building.

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