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In article et, Jerry
Springer writes:

If I had waited to have everything perfect and all the ducks lined up in
a row before starting to build my RV-6 I would have never started it or
even finished it. If you want to build an airplane you well figure it
out, but there is never a right time to start building. The one good
thing about some of the popular kits is the fact that you can buy them a
kit at a time and spread the financial part of it out.

First flight on my RV-6 July 14,1989

Sort of like having kids, if you wait until you can afford them it will be too
late and you will be over the hill. Building is a big, long term project so
get started and for the most part, finance as you go.

Bob Reed (KIS Builders Site)
KIS Cruiser in progress...Slow but steady progress....

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