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"Timmy Ferrell" wrote in message
Hi all,
I recently installed a new hard drive a found myself with space to
spare, so I tried re-installing some old software titles from the past.
Unfortuanetly I could'n t get any of the sims to recognize my Saitek
X-45 joystick/throttle. Would anyone know if there is ANY supprot for the
following titles? All of the titles installed fine under Win XP even
though windows 98 was the OS de jeur when most of these were released.
Falcon 4.0
Janes USNF '97
Janes USAF
Janes F15
Janes Longbow 2
Falocn 4.0 surprised me a little- I thought there was still an active
audience for this sim but most of the sites that I googled came back with
old site and out of date links. Even microproses' site (since taken over
by Atari) has no mention of it.

My second question is- what is the best modern air combat sim
available? I'm looking for a true sim- no an arcade shooter. Any ideas?

Believe it or not, I would say that Falcon 4.0 is still the best air combat
simulator out there. It has remained supported and upgraded many times by
second party devlopers. Do a Google for it and get the updates. Some of them
are quite large. The entire sim has really been redone and done with
cooperation from actual F-16 jocks. The new upgrades also use a lot of
system resourses and will tax even the quickest system with all the bells
and whistles on. AFAIK, all the upgrades are free to all. The work is