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Default Percival L Mincer - mincing gay bar loiterer dancing queen

"Michael Baldwin, Bruce" wrote in message

Shocking video of him at the Belfort bar glory hole
Belfort fag floating around on the internet.

The FUNNY part is he CLAIMS he's GAY! And he CLAIMS he
a lawyer!
Not just "A" lawyer but a big time TRIAL LAWYER.

Seems he makes as many k'lames as Dickless.

Of course at the point of the claim he starts getting a
bit vague. Of
course "PERCY" is not his real name. Golly - one does
wonder WHY?

Yes, I'd have to wonder why too.

Isn't it obvious?

Pretty much,

That's what I thought.

That's what everyone thinks.

Percy is actually several people sharing one account.

Bet they love butt****ing each over.

Oh to be sure. "Percy" Percy claims to be a lawyer - but not
lawyer - a HUGE TRIAL LAWYER head of a LARGE law office. HUGE law
office as
a matter of fact!

I bet he's never had a hung jury! A0L! He must have a micropenis to
think so highly of himself.

He has these delusions of all this information he
he has about
me. He speaks EVERY DAY to my dead ex-wife my second
he claims
he can PROVE my present wife left me and is in Ft.
Lauderdale... The pathetic little
**** makes CRANK phone calls to me. Lately they are
digitized calls. On
one he spent 5 minutes BRAGGING to me that he OWNS a
of 3
"King Air T-350's" planes. He claims to spend more on
for his KING
AIRS than my house is worth. He also says that he owns
Mercedes Maybach!
I think he said he has several of those too. He told
guy he has "A" watch
worth more than the guy's house.

Do you have Caller ID? If so, post his phone number.

He is ANONYMOUS - it's his calling card.

I thought a turd in a bag was his calling card? No wait,
that's his
business card!

That's an X-ray of his brain.

He has a brain? That would be a world first!

The only known perfect vacuum.

Better than space? Dickless will be impressed.

Oh FAR better than space. It is such a perfect vacuum that not
light passes through it.

Maybe Percy just sucks really well.

That's another thing he CLAIMS!!!

Yeah, fags are like that.

(A solid Gold diamond encrusted Rolex sold for

I bet he really lives in a trailer.

My bet? Let's see some 50ish BALD dude with a beer
and a
87 Ford pickemup, living in the woods of the pacific
northwest in a
hovel leanto and he wears Oshkosh bib overalls with a red
and black plaid shirt.

With the seat of the pants unbuttoned?

Of course. With brown stains.

Instead of ****flaps he has a ****flap.

That's his mouth isn't it?

Could be but I was referring to the ****flap in the seat of his

Remember he is suffering from rectal cranial inversion.

Must keep the flap permanently open then. But its typical to find a
huge laywer into cranio-anal intermission.

"Percy" is a PATHETIC "stalker." Actually "Percy" is
than one
person. Several people SHARE the "PERCY MINCER"
One is David
Moore - another is our beloved Turdbrain Turam,
is Stacy
Alexander, and a couple others I am not quite sure
All of them are
quite mentally ill. They seem to find each other and
in packs don't they? A
collection of losers who are fugitives from the

In short he's an entertaining little sot!

BTW a King Air 350 is worth about $7 million a copy.

But who would want one?

You know thinking about PERCY'S braggadocio and all the things he
to own, you have to seriously question the asshole's sanity. Let's assume
is the BIGGEST LAWYER in the world - for the sake of argument. What type
NIT WIT would spend $200,000 on a watch? WHY when you can get a watch
LOOKS BETTER ands keeps better time for 1% of that? What kind of idiot
want a King Air when there are planes that cost half as much, fly faster
carry more people on LESS FUEL? The King Air is one of the fuel hogs of

Not only that, why would the ****wit waste time on Usenet?

Really! If somebody owned ONE of them much less a
of them why
would they spend their life on Usenet STALKING me?


That would be the job of TRAILER PARK TRASH! My money is on Percy's
to be some unemployed ****bag anarchist from the pacific northwest who
never been able to be part of society. He was probably a HIPPIE when he
young sotted on Pot and using BLOW to compensate for his sorry lack of a
life. Those BURNOUTS are fairly common in that region.

I bet he lives here

No that is where his RICH relatives live!!!

He made about 50 crank calls so far in the past 12 hours.
Then one
making his insipid death threats. JEEEEZZZUZZZ!

If you can redirect your phone, redirect it to your local

Better than that. Law enforcement has been recording my line
past couple years. It is all just building.

Good to hear.

The moron calls on command like one of Pavlov's stupider dogs.
Then he
brags and makes threats and uses every BIG vulgarity he knows. He
write them down for him. I am amused at his feeble threats. Last
tried to claim he was a local deputy sheriff. I could hardly stop
Before I forget he ADMITS to being a flaming queer!

Dowse him with petrol and flick a lit match at him and he'll be a
flaming queer all right.

Hmmmmmm but then he is too cowardly to come in person. He makes
calls via his computer with FAKE caller ID info and claims to be a few
blocks away, but is 3,000 miles SAFELY away in HIDING in his little
ala Osama. ****ing his pants in fear. I told him the simple answer
pull up out front and blow his horn. Will he? HA HA HA HA HA HA!
your life.His last call he claimed to be a DEPUTY SHERIFF ... He could
in his cruiser and light up his lights and siren. HA HA HA HA HA HA
NOT a chance!

Obviously, Percy's not one to blow his own horn! A0L!!

I think he wants to BLOW MINE!!! What a mental case. It is not hard
see who is posting as Percy the styles are so distinct.

I know what you mean. Fags just can't get their **** together.

They launch it out with their Gerbils.