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Dom Sasco
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You might want to get in contact with Larry Millberry at
Canav Books
51 Balsam Ave
Toronto, Ontario M4E 3B6

He has written or co-written some of the best history books
about the Royal Canadian Air Force.

As well he handles avaition books from other Canadian authors.

He will send you a catalogue if you ask for it.

Per Ardua ad Astra


Joe Osman wrote:

Ed Majden wrote:

Are there any good books on the Canadian fighter squardrons
during WWII
and the missions they flew? Also a history of No.6 Bomber Group.

Try the Canadian Aviation Historical Society at They have a journal, which might have
articles that would interest you.
The theme of their 2002 Convention was No. 6 Bomber Group.

You might want to ask on the Message Board at, which also has:
Order of Battle
Daily Operations
Combat Reports
Strike Photos
Crew Photos
Aircraft Photos
Nose Art Photos
Mining Codes
Orders & Awards
Betty's Bar
What's New!