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Default eamXC cooperative Condor soaring and OLC+ type flights this fall

Hi, we're starting our flights again after a summer break. If you're interested in OLC+ type flights on Condor and cooperative flying, join us at, and we can help you get started. We fly quite a few different sceneries, often with challenging conditions for realism (see We talk via a Discord server, help each other and get to know each other. We have members of all skills ranging from beginning to expert, from many places. Come have fun with us. It's an excellent way to grow and maintain your skills.

Mondays 9p ET = Tuesdays 0100 hr UTC (OLC-type tasks)
Wednesdays 8p ET = Thursdays 0000 hr UTC (race tasks)
Fridays 9p ET = Saturdays 0100 hr UTC (OLC-type tasks)
Saturdays 5p ET = Saturdays 2100 hr UTC (race tasks)

Landscapes rotation this fall:
New Zealand
Arc Alpin 2 AA2
Arc Alpin 2 AA2
Arc Alpin 2 AA2
Arc Alpin 2 AA2
Big Pyrenees
West Balkans
Scotland 4
Pumalin Park
Talca Los Andes
Temuco Los Andes
West Patagonia
Sierra Nevada