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john smith
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Chris Hoffmann wrote:
On the other hand, this:
"Just don't let airspeed get below a safe value and stalls are not a problem."
is not an axiom to fly by. Students *should* know/be taught that a stall can
occur at any speed, any attitude, of course. But I see nothing wrong with
training students to keep their airspeed where it's supposed to be in the
pattern and on approach, which, I believe, is the context from which those
two quoted remarks were taken.

And do not forget that stall speed increases with angle of bank and
Look at the POH for the aircraft you fly and find the charts that list
the stall speed at various angles of bank and flaps.
Remember that the listed stalls speeds are for max gross weight, unless
your POH specifically list stall at other weights. Reduce the aircraft
weight and the stall speeds reduce linearly.
If you increase the G-load (positive) you generally increase the stall
speed. Similarly, if you decrease G-load (negative or less than one) you
reduce stall speed.