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I have the Wingman Extreme Digital 3d and use it on Comanche Gold, FS2000,
JAnes WWII fighters, Fighter Anthology, and F15 over the last 4 years.
vry tough joystick and i have cranked on it pretty hard..
I used to rip my old C64 sticks in half years ago playing F-14 Tomcat.

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On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 11:13:33 -0500, Oysters8
arranged phosphur particles on my screen
with the following:

I got FS 2004 and want to get a good joystick. I can't seem to find
reviews. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Logitech Freedom
(wireless), Force 3D (feedback) or the MS Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro 2
(which Amazon says is discontinued -- curious why). Can folks shed a
little light for me, please.

I've been twisting a Logictech Wingman Extreme for a couple of years
of hard service and it has stood up well.