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Default WAAS upgrade for your G1000?

Unless I missed something there must be a comdat tri-antenna (COM,
GPS, GDL69A) WAAS approved version since the 2007 Cessna range with
WAAS GIAs installed are using them. It's possible I'm wrong, but I
don't recall seeing a puck or two on the roof like the old KLN94
installs had. Either that or the way they added the WAAS hardware to
the new GIA alleviated the need for the updated antenna somehow. I'll
have to look at the parts manual tomorrow and see if they changed the

On 30 May 2007 16:44:59 -0700, "

This illustrates the downside of a fully integrated solution. You are
at the
whim of the original manufacturer for upgrades. It is virtually
to add other boxes.

I'm touched slightly by this... I use a comdat antenna with my 430.
It's a
great solution, requiring few holes in the roof.

But there is no comdat waas approved version yet :- ( ...probably
due to the
G-1000 situation.

Bill Hale Loveland CO

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"Dan Luke" wrote:

Think about the fact that the FAA is counting on GPS to allow them
to do away with ground based NAV systems--it's already happening.
Do you really believe that won't include some ILS's?

So *that's* what you're aching to sue Garmin & Cessna for?
The hypothetical decommissioning of ILS approaches by the FAA?
Good luck with that.

No, they'd be sued for printing "WAAS upgradable" on all their price
lists since the G1000 was introduced and then not providing that
upgrade. They didn't say it was going to be free, just that there was
going to be an upgrade path.

And since the same comdat antenni and GIA form-factor boxen are used
in the pre-and-post WAAS aircraft, the inability to ship out a new
comdat and GIA box and have WAAS in the older aiframes is suspect. It
should be a 2 hour job to smack the new antenni and boxes in and do a
flight test. That was the whole point of the G1000 system, modular
functions. Replace the box, instant upgrade.