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Default WAAS upgrade for your G1000?

On Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 6:10:58 PM UTC-4, Dan Luke wrote:
From the Cessna Pilots Ass'n avionics forum:

"Just talked to Tom Engberg at Cessna about G1000 WAAS upgrade. He said that
Cessna was waiting on Garmin to propose an upgrade to the pre 07 G1000s. He
also said that it was going to take a change in the GIAs and that would be
very expensive. This is if it is even made available. What I couldn't fine
believeable is that he said no one at Cessna knew if the upgrade was even
going to be made available. I believe that if the present owners of pre 07
G1000s don't start calling Cessna and demanding what their advertisements
stated, we will never get a WAAS upgrade."

? at BFM

Sorry, kind of late on this thread, but a student just bought a 2004 C-182 and thought that it had WAAS. I got a WAG on WAAS upgrade: $28,000!!!! I don't believe that this includes the Garmin Autopilot, but am not sure, since both display units and both antenna are included, it may include removal of the KAP-140 and replacement with the GFC 700 autopilot. I do not believe that it includes the Garmin GFC 700. I owned a 2004 and then a 2007 Cessna 182. The difference in the NAV capabilities was great. However, LNAV approaches without glide path are far superior to any old VOR or ADF approaches. The single advantage of the older machines is that, with the single AHRS installed in these airplanes, loss of that AHRS is pretty bad in IMC because staring down at the standby attitude indicator is a bear in the NEW (WAAS) units. However, with the KAP-140 being independent of the G1000 (older airplanes), loss of the AHRS does not eliminate use of the KAP-140 autopilot. The KAP-140 keeps the airplane on course (using heading mode), and on altitude, where one can continue using the full GPS nav tracking. I've had an AHRS fail in IMC, and it wasn't much of a bother.

Chick Svoboda