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(Dean Wilkinson) wrote:

My bet is that one of the fathers of the Russian children did it...

The controller in this case clearly screwed up since he instructed the
Russian jet to descend when the Russian crew told him they had an RA
instructing them to climb. Controllers are required to instruct
flight crews to follow the RA when an RA occurs, and crews are
required to follow the RA. The Russians don't appear to have given
proper training to their crews regarding the TCAS system because the
crew didn't ignore the controller like they should have and followed
the RA.

Any bets on whether the Russian government will extradite the perp to
Switzerland if he makes it back to Russia?


I'm surprised the controller was still at the job after such a disastrous
screwup that cost the lives of so many innocent people, children in this case.
I figured he had been fired long ago.

Whatever happened to doing the honorable thing and hanging yourself after
killing so many others?