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"John DeRosa Sky Soaring Chicago IL" wrote in message
Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and comments.

Todd Pattist's comment #2 (below) seems to echo a common thread in
this posting. To paraphrase.

"Pilots who use automatic parachutes (with static lines) may be in the
habit of exiting their ships at the end of each safe flight by
unbuckling their seat belts *AND* unbuckling their parachute, leaving
the parachute behind in the glider for the next flight.
Unfortunately, this long held and reinforced habit might lead (in an
emergency situation) to unbuckling the parachute before bailing out."

Not good. I believe that the lesson learned is that each and every
time you exit your ship you should *ONLY* unbuckling your seat belts,
leaving the removal of the parachute for after you are standing
alongside your glider. First, this will build up some reinforced
training in how to exit your ship with your parachute on (not so easy)
and, more importantly, might save your life.

FWIW, when I land and get out of my ship I look at and touch the rip cord
handle. Only then do I take off my chute.