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Default Wingtip Wheels from Libelle 201?


I have some wheels I got from my HPH 304CZ. Do you know the size you need? I had to special order them and have since sold the glider.

Dan Reagan

Dan, I PM'd you.

JJ, Good thought. I'd already inquired of Streifeneder and they responded that they still have the 201-type wheels in stock. I don't have the dimensions.

Dimensions are important because the size of wheel is limited by the depth of the wingtip. I have some great plastic wheels in my parts box but they're nearly 3" in diameter. UH is looking at some other possibilities about an inch smaller.

My rubber tip skids have 26 years' worth of wear but I've still never touched an aileron. Obviously a wheel would have to provide adequate clearance, with no worse drag.

Chip Bearden