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Or... you can purchase Alcohol 120% and use their program to make a legal
copy of your CD #4 *AND* create an image that you can mount virtually on
your computer, thus eliminating the need for a nocd patch (that is
technically illegal)

For what it's worth, a program like Alcohol 120% is just as illegal as any
"nocd patch". Both involve the circumvention of copy protection schemes,
which is illegal under the DMCA (even in fair-use situations such as
backing up or enhancing convenience, where the basic use license is not
being violated).

IMHO, that illegality shouldn't stop anyone from using those kinds of
programs, assuming one does have a legal license to use the software. One
just should not be under the impression that there's a difference between
circumventing copy protection schemes one way versus another. It's all
technically illegal.


IMO all laws that cannot or will not be enforced should not be enacted.
That is why I consider the drug and abortion laws wrong headed. Their only
use is for the "politically" folks to take the moral highground in seeking
votes and demonizing their opponents.

I never gave the "illegality" of nocd use in flight simming the slightest
consideration nor would I give mainlining peanut butter any legal
consideration if I wanted to do that.