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Subject: Bush's Attempt to Usurp the Constitution
From: (Regnirps)
Date: 6/29/2004 2:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

(ArtKramr) wrote:

As the SCOTUS indicated in an 8 to 1 kick in the ass they gave him

Now watch the neocons accuse the SCOTUS of being left wing. (sheesh)

Art, as I recall, neocons were originally catholic liberals who went
conservative. They were exemplified by Buckley, Phodoretz, and the whole New
Republic crowd. They often said silly things like 'Religion is the third leg
conservatism" which could be taken several ways.

Anyway, the term is back in use and often describing youger players, and
O'Riley, Baby Jesus - I mean Hannity, and Laura ??? are all catholics. What
you mean by neocon these days?

-- Charlie Springer

Neo conservatives. The religious right wing of the Republican party

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