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Default wave of the future

What many military experts constantly ask themselves is "How will battles be fought tommorow?" First off, what can be imroved? what needs improvement? A basic answer would be stealth, v/stol aircraft, but to make that a standard craft for a country would be too pricy, even for america. the common medium for air to air and air to ground destruction is the missle. how can we improve the missile? My idea is to dubble up a missle like the joining between two P-51's make an F-82 except when multiple targets are aquired in flight, split into 2! dubble your chances for a fireworks show!with today's high quality missiles though, is it worth it?
Another medium for destroying stuff is the gun. The standard american gun of today is a 20 mm gatlin gun wich can expel bullets so fast, it practicly surgicly remove a wing or tail. A gatlin flak gun might be a cool trick, especialy if you can set the distance for detination of the bulets with radar or infra-red.
Will pilots be in cockits of the future? YA! imagine the enemy brakes your communications your entire force would fall like hailstones if you didnt have pilots.
does anybody know why electro magnetic pulse missiles are not in wide spread use? i thought they would be the plane's "acilles heel".
The Radar is something that can also be improved, because if you can see the enemy and have the right weapon it does not matter what you are flying.

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