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Default We need an ASW-19 rebirth for $25,000

That $19,500 is not in today's dollars, so the figure is not as meaningful. Wasn't the ASW-19 a contemporary of the LS-4, a better performing glider. And didn't they try to produce the LS-4, as a club class glider with both fixed gear or with retractable gear after LS went BK? That project failed with a more popular glider than the ASW-19. As pointed out the HPH 304 is along the line of this thread but none have been ordered since 2014.

China produced a very cheap racing sailboat "Flying Tiger", but last time I spoke with an owner they looked great but had too many problems, haven't seen one on the water lately. I frankly do not want anything from China, do not trust their safety record on baby formula, children's jewelry, dry wall, plywood, dog food, cat food................

Gee Wilbur, you took the year off, if you are so sure this will work why don't you buy the tooling and molds find a 3rd world country that you can hire a labor force of children like Nike and build your machines.

As a side note to doing work in other countries, a friend who was general counsel to a very large public company told me a tale of setting up a cigaret manufacturing factory in Russia. They started having trouble contacting the factory so they sent their lead production manager to Russia. When he got there, surprise, the entire factory had been moved to an unknown location and the local government was asking a huge sum to find and return the factory.

If you are so sure this will work, I look forward to seeing your results!

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$19,500 USD

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How and why, was the PW-5 made for so cheap?

Nobody can answer this because it proves you are wrong!

Basic sailplanes do not cost a fortune to build. There is a market for entry level gliders with a handicap of 1.00 for a reasonable price. Few pilots want to own a 40-50 year old fiberglass sailplane.

How much did an ASW-19 cost brand new in 1975?