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Default How to shorten a Tach drive cable?

Speedometer shops are generally next door to the toaster store.

"Morgans" wrote in message

"Orval Fairbairn" wrote

Cable are part of a speedometer shop's services. What do you think a car
owner does when the speedo cable packs it in?

Tach cables, speedo cables, etc. are all part of the service.

I must not be doing a very good job of explaining what I meant. I'm
beginning to think that it was not worth it, but I'll try to get it right,
one more time.

Someone said a speedometer shop could handle it. On that point, I do not
argue, but my point was to say that I had never heard of a shop that
specialized in speedo's. (which by definition would include the cable, and
the gear that drives off of the transmission in many cars)

It has been pointed out that there are specialty shops that call
themselves a speedo shop, and I was surprised that anyone could make a
business on such a small subgroup of auto repairing. I stand corrected,
but I have never heard of such a thing where I have lived.

I do also agree that some of the better auto service shops could deal with
putting new ends on cables too, by the way.

Better? See what I mean, about it not being worth the time to explain
myself, though? g
Jim in NC