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Default Anyone know what happened to Sky Life Flying Camp?

El miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2020 a las 2:54:31 UTC+2, escribió:
I recall N2733U as a 1963 also. I soloed her on February 15, 1974. About 5 years ago I did a search through the FAA website and found the (then) current owner of 33U. I was able to contact him via email. 33U was dismantled and sitting in a barn I believe in upstate NY somewhere. He had plans to restore her. He sent me some pictures of the dismantled plane. I don't know if it got restored (I hope so). If I can find the pictures and other details info, I'll send it along.

I was at Edimburg on the summer of 81 and 82 for summer camp, from Spain. I was 15 at the time. I remember I soloed and was made member of the club that summer. Same routine as commented above (strip naked and waiting with others on the room) at the time I thought nothing of it (just that americans were kind of weird :-)
I remember going to Ottawa with lee and some others in a big RV. I had a lot of fun and don't remember anything creepy about it. I too wonder what happened to the bar carved tables.
Reading the posts I believe I was lucky that nothing awful happened.
My sympathies for the victims. I am in shock!