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David Wilson
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Plans for the Horizon 2 STOL are different from those listed at the Fisher
web site. The plans they have for sale are for the all wood, shorter wing
version. I don't think they support the other. I don't know how may kits
were sold for the STOL version but the one Mike Fisher had on display at
Oshkosh had a steel square tube fuselage and more wingspan than the wooden

David Wilson
Fisher Horizon 2

"Steve Foley" wrote in message
Looks like Fisher will sell the plans for $350.

"IAN DONALDSON" wrote in message
G'day from Australia

A friend of mine has purchased a Fisher Horizon 2 STOL that was made in

USA and imported into Australia.

The manner in which some of the construction has been done is now

him some concern. He has been in touch with the people that took over

factory, but he has not had the courtesy of any replies to his emails.

Unfortunately the plane did not come with any plans and what he would

to do is make contact with someone that has this model of Fisher so that

can discuss his concerns with them.

Perhaps if someone has a set of plans that he could beg a loan of,

buy he would also be very pleased to hear from them.

Thanks and regards

Ian Donaldson