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On Jun 24, 3:03*am, "Stu Fields" wrote:
I finally got a few (15) minutes in a turbocharged Enstrom.
* * Controls heavier than what I'm used to.
* * *CHT issue at 4500' two up and 65F
* * Overboost light while hovering
* * Vibration level felt a bit more than my two blade Safari
Auto very nice. *No VSI but it looked a lot nicer than the Schweitzer tuck
and dive of the 300 series. *Was able to handle a hover after just a few
minutes. *Much easier first time than the R-22.

This is a heavy bird compared to my Safari. *With a turbo charger on my 0320
I think that I could outperform the Enstrom and carry the same payload.
Don't think that I'm going to trade my Safari for an Enstrom.

News flash!! *Canadian Home Rotors, the home of the Safari has been sold.
Forecast is for improvements to the Safari which has the potential for being
the best small two seater out there with some relatively minor improvements
in the QC.

Thanks Stu.

I am surprised at the vibration. Perhaps it was out of balance. No 3
blade ship should have anything like the vibration of a 2 blader.

The thing that keeps me away from the Safari (apart from being
prohibited from spending by my wife!) is the low cruise speed and the
lack of baggage space. I can't see those changing any time soon?

But I do like the Safari mostly because it is a 'proper' helicopter
like the hummingbird 260L and has a robust transmission.