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Default What is your club doing to recruit new contest pilots?

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 11:48:56 AM UTC-4, wrote:
Just curious... what is your club doing to recruit new contest pilots?

Secondly, what are YOU doing to recruit new contest pilots, especially those pilots in their late 30's and 40's?

Please share your story with us and consider asking yourself how YOU can help recruit members back at your home club to participate in their first contest in 2018.

Thank you!

-Chris Schrader
*SSA Director, Region 6 (OH, IN, MI, KY)
Growth & Retention Committee Chair

We take them to contests and have them fly with us in our ASK-21's. Each year we take 6 to 8 pilots that are new to XC(some) and to contests(almost all). They fly with us on task (commonly doing much of the flying)so they can see XC flying from the planning to the post flight.Most years I'm full up with juniors.
Some get hooked. Many don't, but at least they get the training and exposure.
Regionals that go the extra step to encourage this can do a lot toward growing the XC segment of our sport, and also contest flying.
If you can get enough ships they can have their own class. K21's and Grobs and such are very much good enough for this activity. You don't need a Duo to go cross country.
We suggest each participant plan on 2 days. One day as crew, one flying. All are invited to Rookie School that we run as part of the program and they are expected to come to pilots meetings. Lots is learned and they meet a lot of nice folks.