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Either I'm missing something or it isnt there... where is the link for this
airport monitor? I've looked at the LAX link in both Netscape and IE and dont
see anything for a radar feed.


SD wrote:

Here is the link to see LAX radar. and click on airport

I looked at the time frame that you gave and the two flights that I
could see even get somewhat close is FRL6630- CRJ7
at 3000ft and AFR71 at 7000 feet. but they still had 4000 feet
separation which is more than adequate.
But look for yourself, maybe I was looking at the wrong two planes.


On 02 Jul 2003 16:09:12 GMT, ilter (HBYardSale)

I saw what looked like a near-miss Monday night (June 30, 8:08 pm PT) above the
city of Huntington Beach and would like to find out which airlines they were.
And I'd like to find out what happened and how far apart they came.

The reason I say "near-miss" was because I first saw a plane climbing, most
likely leaving Orange County John Wayne Airport, but it was hardly moving. I
had never seen an airliner flying that slowly toward the north and stopped to
watch it. While I was watching I saw another airline heading northwest at what
looked like the same altitude, possibly landing at Long Beach or LAX.

I realize that sometimes planes look like they are on the same level from the
ground, but these were both so low that I could almost make out the markings,
and at the time they were near each other, they appeared exactly the same size.
I actually cringed at the moment that the two images came together.

Anyway, seems like I remember hearing that there is a web site that shows an
animated "live" radar of air traffic.

I would guess that the north-bound airliner would have been scheduled to depart
John Wayne around 7:55 pm and that the northwest-bound plane was landing at
Long Beach or LAX around 8:15 pm.

Thanks in advance! (Pls post and copy me with email if possible.)

The beatings will continue until morale improves.