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Andrew Boyd
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"moby" wrote:

I have a recently bought Pitts S1-C and I am trying to get its new
airworthiness certificate since the one it had became void at the change of
ownership. The FAA, however, wants a letter stating that the S1-C is an
aerobatic airplane which seems like complete bull to me.

Yours is not the first S-1C on the registry - click on:

and enter Pitts for Manufacturer, and S-1C for model. I
found 55 Pitts S-1C's (amateur built) already on the registry,
like N30125, N11BP, etc. They have an FAA Manufacturer/Model
code of 72202XX where XX are two letters which appear to designate
which engine is installed. You didn't say what engine you have
installed, so I couldn't figure out the value of XX for you.

Just refer the FAA to it's own paperwork - presumably, it
will find it to be acceptable :-)