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Default New Glider Dream Elon Musk Flow

W dniu piątek, 9 lutego 2018 19:31:46 UTC+1 użytkownik Jonathan St. Cloud napisał:
Was so tried of the hard deck discussion thought I would try a discussion of dreams. After seeing the vision of Elon Musk with his Falcon Heavy, I had to pinch myself. Those two boosters landing in sync..

What are some of the innovative, new technology, original thought, scifi dreams, would you like to see in a brand new glider design? Let your inter Elon Musk flow.

We have seen the New Ventus, the JS-3 (very innovative), Dianna 3. So far the South Africans have shown the most original thought.

If you were to design a glider what are your dreams?

18/21 or 15/18 meters

Sustainer, jet, electric, two stroke?

Light weight: I would love to be able to get to 7.5 pounds with a 220 lb pilot+chute and up to 12ish pounds wet. This might take new manufacturing methods and materials. Perhaps pre-preg, vacuum bagging...?

Pedestal mounted wing?

VTOL glider