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Default 2016 Canadian National Gliding Championships (Ontario, Canada)

On Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at 6:50:59 AM UTC-5, Sean wrote:
A good shoot-out is developing at the top of both FAI and Club class. The weather in Ontario has been extriodinary with 325 - 425km tasks, up to 8 knot lift and top of lift often as high as 8500 MSL. Average winning speeds in FAI have been between 105 and 125 kph and 85-95 in Club class!

Today looks like another great day. Tomorrow looks possible then the final day, Friday, looks like thunderstorms.

XG and F1 are flying well and close in FAI. I am doing (7T) well but have made several significant mistakes. On day 3 I missed that a maximum start height was added to the task sheet and lost 50+ points (had been unlimited on the first two days, and I assumed...oops). Then yesterday I somehow set up my ClearNAV 2 to manual speed of 100kph rather than auto, which caused me to turn to early in the final turn finishing 15 minutes early and loosing oodles of speed another 60-80 points.

MF is solid in Club but a couple are challenging him as well.

The Canadian Nationals are always a great time. Great food, great people and very social. I'm surprised more Americans do not attend these great annual Canadian events! If you haven't yet, you really should give it a try.. The Canadians are outstanding pilots and the competition is outstanding.

My only grip about the 2016 Canadian Nationals is that after 5 contest days in 6 possible flying days during record strong weather conditions, not a single assigned task has been called. Not even a long MAT. That is pretty sad. I guess it's OK as I am pretty good with assigned tasks after SGP USA. This apparent "area task only" event is still turning out to be good practice for the dreaded timed area tasks that North American gliding "culture?" seems to somehow insist on... In all seriousness, National Championships need to have 50% assigned tasks, not zero. It is really dumb to not call more assigned tasks, especially when the weather is almost ridiculously strong every day. To be clear I'm taking about real assigned tasks, not MATs!


;-). Yes, I feel better now!



Calling your host's choices - while the party is going on - "really dumb" is - well, what can I say, not really smart.