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Stuart & Kathryn Fields
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William: I was under the impression that the Rotary Wing Forum was
primarily gyrocopters and little if any helicopter stuff showed there?
If so we still need an RAR with helicopter stuff. I used to fly a Benson
and now fly a Baby Belle. Big, Big, difference.
"William Hung" wrote in message
On Dec 24, 6:46 pm, "Steve R" wrote:
True, and it has been more quiet around here that I, and I'm sure many of
you, would like.

Actually, the post was made from my new laptop. I'd been having trouble
getting the Windows Vista version of Outlook Express to communicate from
laptop through the wireless router. The post was a test to see if it would
work. It did! :-)

Having explained that, please excuse the following politically incorrect
statement but, I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed
New Year!

Be safe everyone!
Steve R.

"Brien" wrote in message


It will probably be a long time if ever till this board gets back to
it use to be.

"Stuart & Kathryn Fields" wrote in message
. ..
Probably wondering if there is any life in RAR.
Stu Fields
"Hawkdoc" wrote in message
.. .

"Steve R." wrote in message
Just wondering!

What cha' wondering?

Happy Holidays everyone.
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too Steve. I think the
Rotary Wing Forum has replaced RAR and RAR is indeed dead.