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Default A Kodiak owner requested installation of a lighter power socket notshown in its wiring diagram. also wants BOSE noise cancelling headset whichrequire 28vdc to work, wiring diagram shows installation for David Clarkwhich is similar

El martes, 15 de octubre de 2002 a las 21:38:58 UTC-3, Joe Norris escribió:
Omar Filipovic wrote:

Does any of this actually apply to experimentals, especially those where the
original builder is making the modifications?

An FAA Form 337 is not used for repairs or alterations on an
experimental airplane, regardless of whether it's the original builder
or another person doing the work. The procedure for approving a major
change to an experimental aircraft is covered in that particular
aircraft's operating limitations document. These "OpLims" are a part of
the airworthiness certificate, and as such must be carried in the
aircraft at all times.
If you are making a change to your experimental aircraft, familiarize
yourself with the requirements for approving a major change as outlined
in the OpLims.
Joe Norris