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Many pilots, in an attempt to perpetuate the "most dangerous part of flying
is the drive to the airport" myth, feel compelled to condemn unsuccessful
aviators as dolts or statistical outliers for the purpose of assuaging their
potential passengers' fear of flying. While we can remove or control many
of the factors of risk in general aviation, GA statistics are a reflection
of the fact that for miles traveled, or trips taken, GA flying is
considerably deadlier than driving.

Rather than dispelling pilots who crash as fools (which admittedly many are,
read the NTSB reports), let's learn from their mistakes, place ourselves in
their scenarios, and ask ourselves what we'd do in similar circumstances.

"Dan Luke" c172rgATbellsouthDOTnet wrote in message
"Orval Fairbairn" wrote:
Just read the ASRS reports to see how these conditions can creep up on
an otherwise proficient pilot and take heed!

From a pilot's perspective, one of the most distressing things about that
accident was all the condemnation of JFK from the pilot community, as if

these god-like aviators are immune from such an event. That adolescent
illusion of invulnerability gets people killed.
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