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Kyler Laird
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Default Bose makes good on my wife's headset.

I've described the problems we've had with my wife's cherished Bose
X headset since having it "upgraded."

We finally received a replacement headset awhile ago but I hadn't
been flying much at all this winter and when I did go I neglected
to take my wife's headset to try. We finally went for brunch and
golf in Kentucky
and the new headset performed well for my wife. (I didn't try it
and I didn't even think to ask her about it until later, but it's
a *good* thing that she didn't notice it.)

It took over a year and several shipping charges to get a usable
headset but it sure is nice to have two working Bose sets again.
(We have a nice Sennheiser and a Lightspeed 25 also but we both much
prefer the Bose. With our DCs we're back to having one for each
seat - no more " you want plugs?" apologies.)

Now I'm considering upgrading my headset and getting the new battery
box upgrades for both.