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Default Canadian IFR/VFR Flight Plan

David Megginson wrote in message
Andrew Sarangan wrote:

I understand that ATC opens and closes VFR flight plans. Lets say I file an
IFR flight plan. ATC comes back with a routing I don't like. I decline the
IFR clearance and decide go VFR. Could I ask ATC to change the IFR flight
plan to a VFR flight plan? Or, do I have to file a separate VFR flight
plan, and call them back to activate the VFR flight plan?

Yes, if you cancel IFR, Canadian ATC will give you the option of changing
the rest of your flight plan to VFR.


I believe that is incorrect. If I remember correctly, you have to
file an entire new VFR flight plan. It is not possible to "convert"
IFR into "VFR". Some years ago, I flew at night IFR from Regina to
Saskatoon, got into icing conditions halfway, turn back to VMC and
than had to air-file a complete new VFR flight plan.

Gerd Wengler