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On Tue, 07 Oct 2003 21:41:44 GMT, Otis Willie
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"We're at the point where we've laid down expectations and
guidelines," Rosa said. "Our expectations are that we don't tolerate
criminals, we don't sexually harass people, we don't sexually assault
people. We are not going to tolerate it."

That sounds good. Unfortunately Rosa, when tasked with disciplining
F-16 Ninja flight lead Parker (who had intentionally violated many
USAF/FAA regulations, and led his wingman into a fatal MAC with a
Cessna 172 November 16, 2000*) found a verbal reprimand to be
appropriate punishment for the death he caused. His past conduct in
that mishap casts doubt on his veracity in this issue IMO.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable
cause(s) of this accident as follows:

the failure of the F-16 flight lead pilot and F-16 accident pilot
to maintain an adequate visual lookout while maneuvering. Factors
contributing to the accident we the F-16 flight lead pilotís
decision to discontinue radar traffic advisory service, the F-16
flight lead pilotís failure to identify a position error in his
aircraftís navigational system, the F-16 pilots subsequent
inadvertent entry into class C airspace without establishing and
maintaining required communications with air traffic control
(ATC); and ATCís lack of awareness that there was more than one
F-16 aircraft in the formation flight, which reduced the ATC
controllers ability to detect and resolve the conflict that
resulted in the collision

Irrational beliefs ultimately lead to irrational acts.
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