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Mary Josephine Farley
after this, she became a WASP.

Good call. My mother was a WASP. A very
overlooked program.

Not by me.. one of the ladies that I worked with was a WASP.


from the WASP database & The Congressional Record.

43-8 Lois Gene Holman nee (French)


Dora Dougherty, third from left in front of B-29 "Ladybird"
with Lt. Col. Paul W. Tibbets, Jr. (left), Dorothea Johnson (2nd
from left) and B-29 crew.

Col Tibbets trained these two ladies to fly the B-29 to show the
men that the plane was not dangerous.

My mother was part of the WASP's trained
to fly the B26 to show the men the men it was
not as dangerous as made out. "A plane a day
in Tampa Bay" and all that.

I am curious, what kind of background did your Mom have that put her
into that position with the WASP's? Was she a civilian pilot prior
to enlisting?

She had learned to fly before the war and
when the call went out for women pilots to
volunteer she applied. All the applicants were
sent to Swee****er TX for training and then
from there to bases all over the US.

Here is a news item from her local paper
about it.

That is a very interesting bit of history. Your Mom was a true

The older I get the more that
becomes real to me............