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john price
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Default Instrument Rating Ground School at Central Jersey Regional (47N)

As soon as we can get 10 people committed to attending,
we will be starting another session of the Instrument
Ground School. The length of the classes will vary
slightly depending on the subjects to be taught, but
will generally last about 2 hours.

The cost for the entire 9-week course will be $199.
Individuals who wish to attend specific classes may
do so for $25 per class.

Materials needed (available at the Flight School)
will include:

o Gleim Instrument Pilot Written Exam Book
o Instrument Flight Training Manual - Peter Dogan
o Instrument Flying Handbook - FAA H8003-15
o NJ Instrument Approach Charts (FAA or Jeppesen)
o En-route Charts (FAA or Jeppesen)
o Flight Computer
o Pilots Operating Handbook for your training airplane
o Calculator


o Airplane Instruments / Attitude Instrument Flying
and Aerodynamics
o Navigation Systems (VOR, ADF, LORAN, GPS)
o VOR Radial Intercept and Tracking / Holding Patterns
o Instrument Approach Procedures
o IFR En-Route / Flight Planning
o IFR Clearances
o Aviation Weather/ Aviation Weather Services
o FARs / Airports, ATC and Airspace
o Aeromedical Factors and Wrap up

To get on the list, call the flight school at
908-526-2822, send e-mail ),
or put your name on the sign up list on
the bulletin board in the flight school.

Classes will be either Tuesday or Wednesday night and
will begin as soon as we get ten people signed up.

John Price
Chief Flight Instructor
Millstone Valley Flight School