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Sorry Bill,
I guess the sire paostings came late.... holding the rudder longer did not
make any change to the attitude of nose up and rotating to which ever
direction yo uhit the rudder. . It just would not drop a wing. Unfortunately
time was a bit short for the video since I had to have the sun behind me for
the video to see the instrument panel..... and I was getting low to do all
of the tests. It was also extremely hazy.

I will send you a complete cd of the complete flight later today by mail. I
sent another of the july 30 th flight a few days ago.

The only tests I did that the Pioneer did not like very well where the yaw
tests. It does not like flying with full rudder and neutral control stick
nor with ailerons and neutral rudder. I will do more testing in a couple of
weeks on these tests.

On the cross control spin entry I did experience some rudder lock.... but it
came out quickly as I applied pressure to the rudder.

As far I can tell this is one very stable aircraft but it does fly
differently. It feels like you are balancing adjusting to the airflow and
currents. At first it does seem disconcerting but once you acclimatize to
it, it is a real benefit. In turbulent air one has a tendency to overcontrol
initially but when you relax one finds it flys just fine.

If one is holding aileron pressure the rudder needs adjustment is my general


"Bill Daniels" wrote in message
When you first posted this announcement, the video was not updated on your
site. Now only one video is available which only shows a straight ahead
stall attempt with a 1/2 second dab of rudder applied. Why not put up the
video first and THEN announce it.

BTW, that's not a spin entry attempt. Mat, HOLD THE RUDDER IN for at

10 seconds.

Bill Daniels

"Marske Flying Wings" wrote in message
I have just completed a flight test of the Pioneer doing stall and spin

With the stick all the way back the airspeed slows to 20 mph with about

200 ft/min sink rate. The wing will not break nor will it go into a spin

dive. In the spin tests I brought the glider up to the 20 mph ( stick

back) then hit the rudder hard..... well it just did a slow rotation in

ever direction the rudder was deflected. Next I did cross control stall

spin attempts... again there was nothing I could do to provoke it to

could not get a wing to drop!

All of this is now recorded on video.

For more details see the web site.Look under the Marske Pioneer IId
Marske Flying Wings