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Chuck Harris wrote:
According to a website on PT boats that I found by Google,
the PT 7X series boats used a Packard V12 that was a direct
descendant of the Lancaster Airplane engine. They made a point

Liberty, not Lancaster. No such engine as a Lancaster, so
far as I know, and the Lancaster aeroplane was powered
by Merlins (most marks) or Bristol Hercules.

One Motor Torpedo Boat (the solitary F-type Fairmile)
got four Hercules instead of the usual Packards, bus
tthe power drain of the cooling fans just about absorbed
the power increase. It might have been different if she'd
got Centaurus, as planned.

of saying that it wasn't a Merlin, or a Packard-Merlin.

Looks like there were tanks, boats and airplanes that shared a
related V12 engine.

Certainly most British cruiser tanks (and the Valentine and
Churchill infantry tanks) had Liberty-derived V12s. Can't
remember whether the shift to the Meteor was with the Cromwell
or the Comet (Cromwell, I think - the related Centaur certain;y
had a Nuffield Liberty)

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