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On 9/27/2011 3:49 PM, Jim wrote:

This oxygen system looks interesting but is only certified to 15k and
battery life is only 6 hours. It would be nice to do away with filling
bottles. Does anybody know of any other systems available or on the
horizon that would be more useful to glider pilots?

I could see an advantage for unassisted safaris of several days
duration, where getting refills could be real hassle, or trying to stuff
more or bigger bottles into the glider.

You can use an external battery, but at the nominal 40W power draw,
that's 3 amps out of a 12 volt battery. $2700 seems pricey, too.

For people that return to their trailer/hangar/motorhome after a flight,
it might be better to own several glider bottles and one large oxygen
cylinder for transfilling. I can get 15-20 hours out of my 14 CF bottle,
using an EDS, so that's enough for two days of flying, which could
include an overnight stop away from the home airport.

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